Research Overview

Evidence-based care drives the Office of Women’s Health: This requires robust research and inquiry. One of the main projects led by the Office of Women’s Health is the Synergy of Scholars in Maternal and Infant Health Equity network of Michigan. The Office of Women’s Health serves as the coordinating center for this unique alliance (major hospitals and universities, community groups, patient advocates, researchers and others) aimed at improving maternal and infant outcomes across the state of Michigan. The network will work to improve maternal care with evidence-based approaches to reduce preterm and preeclampsia, two major drivers of maternal mortality.

The OWH also engages in extensive academic efforts at Wayne State University to best assess patients at all ages and stages of life. Our research programs include Make Your Date, a prenatal care model employing group education and care in an effort to eliminate adverse outcomes like preterm birth. The Office also regularly conducts Well Woman Wednesdays in Detroit community settings, bringing care directly to some of the city’s most at-risk patients.