Well Women Wednesdays

The Well Woman Wednesdays is an implementation program developed by the Office of Women’s Health in partnership with Wayne Health. It aims to provide on-site health screenings as well as education in order to improve uptake of primary health preventive measures. Partners who cover all areas of women’s health are available to educate and screen participants (if applicable). Areas of women’s health that are covered include:

  • Pregnancy and Infant Health
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Education and STEM
  • Oral health, physical wellness, and more!

Women get the opportunity to learn about all the different areas of their health as well as get their free unique Women’s Health Passport at the Well Women Wednesday! Well Women Wednesdays takes place in various locations and community centers and could be coming to your neighborhood soon!

Are you interested in attending, hosting, or getting involved in Well Women Wednesday?

Email The Office of Women's Health for more information!