Women’s Health Scholarly Concentration

Female doctor smiling and holding patient clipboardWayne State University’s School of Medicine has launched a Women’s Health Scholarly Concentration (SC) open to a cohort of ten students total. These concentrations allow longitudinal programs of study to align with core medical curriculum, fostering self-directed experiential learning alongside mentorship. SCs promote academic enhancement, skill development, and career exploration by cultivating habits of scholarly research and inquiry. Through individualized and self-directed learning paired with engaged mentorship, students participating in SCs will develop their analytical, creative, and critical thinking skills to excel in the fields of academic medicine, community-based practice, and emerging health technologies.

The Women’s Health SC was launched with the goal of fostering curiosity, independence, leadership, and discovery. Students will develop research projects tied to women’s health, with the objective of delivering a refined academic product; this will encompass a literature review or overview of topical research. Students will present their work via poster format and oral presentation.

Students must complete common core curriculum, including literature search; evaluation of evidence, research methods, study design, research paper writing, and presentation skills.

If you would like to connect with the Office of Women’s Health to learn more about the Women’s Health Scholarly Concentration, please contact womenshealth@wayne.edu.

More Information and Requirements